The Slut and the Player (Slow Updates)

The Slut and the Player (Slow Updates)

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Lauren DaDemon By Lauren_James Updated Apr 13, 2015

Cait is seen as the slutty Queen bee of her school. Cait and her group of friends, the 'popular crowd' think they rule the place. But for Cait it's all an act. She's not an average slut who likes to party, going out getting so drunk they can't remember what happened, and sleeping with boys. She'd much rather curl up in her warm bed, eat chocolate chips with some soda and watch action movies. Cait has a mean side, but who doesn't? If she was her normal self, 20% of the schools population would know her first name.

Lane is the typical player. The guy who plays with a girls heart, leaves them heart broken and couldn't care less. He is a true player by heart, although he can be nice, when he wants to be. Lane moves to a new school, most people don't like moving schools, but Lane loves it! "A new place, means new girls to play with," were his exact words.

What happens when a slut and a player meet? At first they feel a connection between them, but they think it's just a friendship. One Saturday night they happened to get drunk together, which resulted in them sleeping together also... They made excuses and said it only happened because they were drunk, it didn't mean anything, but did it?

Nerds and Players can have many problems,

How many can a slut and a player have?

  • fake
  • friends
  • love
  • manwhore
  • player
  • popularity
  • populars
  • slut
  • whateverelseishouldput
pacitaepacitao pacitaepacitao Jan 19, 2017
Great start I'm so excited to read this and it's 2017 happy new year peeps
_Moiety_ _Moiety_ Dec 28, 2013
I love the idea of it. It's unique yet classy at the same time. Instead of the story about how the player fallls for the nerd, it has more of a unique and realistic feel to it! Great job!
Chocobumble Chocobumble Dec 25, 2013
Nice start. Really gets us to know the character. I don't like that she bullies her friends to keep her image though- that horrible. 
                              Can't wait to read more.
__spxde __spxde Nov 10, 2013
i think its a very original and pretty cool idea i like where this story is headed good job :)
Celina_Ballerina Celina_Ballerina Oct 20, 2013
I love how its not one of those cliche storie where the nerd falls for the player