Door To Door

Door To Door

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Hudson Ellis is good at his job.

Somehow, he manages not to annoy people when he knocks at their doors and asks them to contribute to the charity he works for - instead, he gets them to sign up for sponsoring programmes and fish whatever spare change they have out of their pockets. 

Even the infamously tough residents of New York City are falling victim to Hudson's easy-going ways and wide smile; that is, until one woman renders him speechless with sarcastic refusals and slams her door in his face.

Perhaps Hudson would be able to forget her - if it wasn't for the fact that she lives on the same floor of the next apartment over, and they both have floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for a rather generous view into each other's flats.

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Well that's super rude! If a guy said that to me hot or not, u better believe I'd give a little piece of my mind
BeccyCarson BeccyCarson Jun 16
Poor Hudson rejection for not being gay and his bfs actively avoiding meeting him in public...hudson is me, but a guy.
BeccyCarson BeccyCarson Jun 16
ahahahaha, I love him, he is adorable.
                              Did she see him?? Does she know??
You know New York isn't that far from New Jersey. Why don't you pay me a visit? *tries to wink but instead looks like an eye spasm*
BeccyCarson BeccyCarson Jun 16
At least her awkwardness is endearing, mine certainly isn't...
cora_g_3 cora_g_3 May 09
what does he look like cuz dang he must be hotter than the fires of hell