Cinderella my Ass

Cinderella my Ass

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"Aren't you scared that you might fall?" I asked him. 

I noticed in darkness his lips tugging up in a smile. "No."


"Because in the end I will see your face."


Ryder Quinn was a normal teenager with a simple life. She had a crush on the boy sitting in front of her in the math class and her best friend was a crazy girl that would help her with everything. 


One night, someone enters her room... from the window. Of course she freaked out, and  was about to scream "RAPER!" on the top of her lungs, but then she noticed that the guy was injured. 

And like the sweetheart she was she helped him, even though she never saw his face. 

From that day on, that guy would appear in her room almost every night, never showing  his face, starting a weird friendship with Ryder. 


"Awww! This is so romantic. It looks like a version of Cinderella's story." Jasmine said with dreamy eyes with her hands on her heart. 

"Cinderella my ass."

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                              I got it. Don't worryyy
crimsonxtreachery crimsonxtreachery 6 days ago
I don't usually watch the trailers to Watford books but I looked at yours and it is amazing. It is coordinated so well and the song selection is awesome. I am excited to read this 😊
Dedemi15 Dedemi15 Nov 10
I would just look at him in shock and react after good 2 minutes.
                              November 19 2017
                              11:09 pm
                              A planet 
                              In my bedroom pretending I’m sleeping.
I just recently read your book and I think that it is really amazing,,  really 😍 one of the best books I've read so ♡♡
JalynnFreeze JalynnFreeze 2 days ago
You need to get rid of the word, “and”. Right before it said “but then”.