Ichigo Love Story

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Kim By Kagamiah Completed
A young girl, tested on by the famous Sosuke Aizen, now has a special power deep inside her body that Soul Society wishes to keep away from Aizen, so in an effort to hide her, the send her to the world of the living. She happens to run into the substitute shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki who soon learns more about her and becomes her guard to protect her. In the end, they find love amongst the way.
Just wanting to let you know, just because a word sounds like another, does not mean they are similar in definition. Engrossed is not the right word to use, it doesn't mean grossed out, it means to have all of your attention directed at one particular thing.....
it' s great so far :) i like your main character's hair, and how the story's from Ichigo's perspective