Alpha of the Rogues

Alpha of the Rogues

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Tanya By TanyaDiva Updated Mar 17, 2014

The Alpha of the Rogues,

The was the story that would scare children and pups into eating their greens during dinner time and to sleep early.
"The Alpha of the Rogues kidnaps all the children and locks them up in his dungeon if they don't eat their greens because they were weak!" My father would say.

The story that they told during school in many versions. We were told that he was dead and killed by our Alpha.
"The Alpha of the rogues, he was the scariest man alive after he got kicked out of his pack and rejected by his mate. He mated with another woman and got her pregnant to create a Heir. He used her to create a Heir, but she died after her first birth. A year late our Alpha, Alpha Phillip declared war on him when he attacked one of us and murdered him. Ending him once an for all." My teacher told.

The myth we studied about during High School, we were told that his son took over and was the most evil and heartless Alpha in the world.
"His son was his fathers son, naturally he was pure evil. He was so angry at his fathers death that he killed and murdered many of our members at the age of 15. By the time he reached the age of 17, he had formed his own Rogue pack and claimed the title of The Alpha of the Rogues." My professor told us.

The story i learnt the truth about when i laid eyes on Jaxon, The Alpha of the Rogues, or in my case, my mate.

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quxrcncia quxrcncia Nov 14, 2017
not to be mean but i came here for the derek hale/tyler hoechlin
Literally just read a story today with exact same photo as the main character. This is some major witchery going on here.
Wonder_Nothing Wonder_Nothing May 16, 2017
Don't they sound the same though???? Or have I been saying it wrong my entire life???
nerdsarebae16 nerdsarebae16 Jun 23, 2016
*sees this one, doesn't even look at the others* I want this one
purple_savage purple_savage Jul 06, 2016
As soon I see this one I'm choosing and not even looking at the other ones
lmao_no lmao_no Aug 28, 2016
I would be thinking, I can't believe I'm gonna die in school