The Arrangement 1

The Arrangement 1

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This is the full first book of a series I'm working on. It contains adult sex scenes so please be warned!

The Arrangement follows the story of April Masterson whose life is about to be turned upside down. She is a devoted young wife and mother, even if her husband Walter can be domineering and possessive. 

She has always tried to keep him happy so that she and her children can enjoy a life of security and stability. When he is made partner at the firm she feels her life is entirely set up. They are showered with wealth and generosity and even receive a stunning new home in a secluded private community on the outskirts of the capital. 

But after the move, April begins to see just how drastically her life has changed. There is an arrangement that she never suspected. The partners always said that the firm was a family but she didn't realize just how literally they meant it! 

Now she finds herself taking on a new role in her life and becoming a new person. She feels confident, powerful and wealthy. She realizes that she has what it takes to fulfill the desires of four of DC's most powerful and wealthy lawyers. She also realizes that she likes it!

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PetraPanther PetraPanther 2 days ago
Not sure how I feel about this.....if she's into dominance ok...but....if he's just a controlling douchebag then that's different....
This is sad. I understand her better, although I can't wait to see her wisen up and find a way to gain her independence. Everyone, including women, needs to be happy, if they find that happiness within marriage, great, if not, then happiness outside that institution works as well.
PetraPanther PetraPanther 2 days ago
He's a selfish jerk. I'm done with my analysis. He's 80% ahole, 19% douchebag and 1% d***. (Cause I'm sure he has a tiny one)
I feel so sorry for her  :( he's so controlling and he does even care what she wants.
alamasama alamasama Jan 23, 2015
ik! and to think i could be married to a guy like that!  I'm glad I'm not tho! ufffff
Infamously_famous Infamously_famous Dec 28, 2014
could you please use " quotation marks when they are talking