:.The Line Between Us.: (An Ink x Error Fanfic)

:.The Line Between Us.: (An Ink x Error Fanfic)

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InkyDinky By InkyDinkyDoo Updated Sep 05, 2017

Ink: Protecter and Creator of the AUs

Error: Destroyer of the AUs

For many years, the creator and the destroyer of AUs fought eachother. 

For many years, they kept there feelings for eachother locked away inside of them, never to be mentioned or spoken of.

There was always a line between the two.


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Flamboyant_Saucers Flamboyant_Saucers Jun 09, 2017
why am I getting the feeling that the strings that are tied together are like ships? (for example, fell's and swap's or fresh's and paperjam's?) I seriously need to put an end to my shipping craze
TheBrokenSecret TheBrokenSecret Jul 04, 2017
But my horse always runs so I can't hold it! : goes and tackles horse and is hanging off the side of the horse : okay! I don't know how long this will verify so HURRY!! : Falls off horse : here we go again
Hope12dreamer Hope12dreamer Apr 12, 2018
                              me: *spits out water laughing then relizes what they have done and starts freakign out*
                              Me: NUUUUUU!!! my phone
- - Mar 20, 2017
My Friend Came Up To Me Once Cracked My Knuckles And Shouted To Her Friend 'It Works On *Insert Name Here*' And Sat Back In Her Seat. I Just Sat There Confused As Hell.
XxEclipseandCoxX XxEclipseandCoxX Oct 23, 2016
I hate how great fanfics like this get barely any reads yet shitty ones get WAY too many.