A maid for Mr arrogant. (Exo Luhan fanfic)

A maid for Mr arrogant. (Exo Luhan fanfic)

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☆kookiejunkie☆ By kathySaphireblue Updated Dec 25, 2016

"NO!" I said as I pushed my hands up at him, making him stop for a moment. 

"What? Don't you want it? I know how you look at me." He said standing in front of me looking down at me. He got hold of both of my hand in his both hands and pulled me up, almost yanking me which made me bump into him hard with a thump.

Too frustrated I tried to free myself. But of no use. I looked at him in his eyes. They were dark. Too dark. With lust maybe.

Hah!! right.. -__-

What are you thinking Jennifer! He's just messing with you. 

"Let go of me Mr. Luhan or-" I got cut off by him.

"Or what? Jennifer?" Still looking deep in my eyes. "Didn't you say I was a SELFISH jerk?? well how about I prove it to you how selfish I can get?"


This is a Story about a girl who falls in love with a Devil with an Angel's face. LUHAN

The problem? 
She's just his maid.
Whereas he is an Arrogant prince....

Yehet_1204 Yehet_1204 Jul 23, 2016
When I read this I felt like its actually me because my name is also Jennifer 😂😂
Sapphirejewel789 Sapphirejewel789 Dec 12, 2016
But you can never have too much dramas in the 21 century *hint BTS*
exo_wearePHIXO exo_wearePHIXO Apr 29, 2016
@lovesnow5905 me.. hahaha i watch now boy over flowers when i bored in wattpad..
kailu1420 kailu1420 Jun 01, 2015
its only beginning of the story but i all ready love it so excited!!!! for the next chapter please update