Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl)

Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl)

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They're in love... 

They're from different races.

Different origins.

Different worlds.

Different planets.

They have different beliefs.

One thing is the same about them, though...

They are... of the same sex.

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Dumbasses need to stop falling for their friends esp BEST friends that means WORST FRIENDZONE like you aint ever getting out
pdrummer pdrummer Sep 10
sounds like some good shît! then i might be with the girl i liked.. idfk
Sounds like Wonder Woman besides the "I wanna FUKY FUKY yo a$$" and so on
She's looking atvherself from the Allen's point of view 
                              How cute!
gayestyear gayestyear Jul 18
First thing that I thought of when I read blue people is the freaking smurfs 😑
Dude. She kiss-drugged you. How will you ever trust her to kiss you again? Tsk tsk