Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl)

Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl)

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They're in love... 

They're from different races.

Different origins.

Different worlds.

Different planets.

They have different beliefs.

One thing is the same about them, though...

They are... of the same sex.


Note: This story was based on the Manga Aimer-lis. The characters and initial plot is the author's and not mine. But everything else is made by my imagination. :) Also, to those haters who think I stole the idea from YurikoHime.... A big F*CK YOU to all of you. This was published first and I never even have read 'My Alien Bride'. I respect Yuriko and will never ever steal her ideas. So haters, F U C K  Y O U indeed.

cynpotle cynpotle Jan 22
Ah stop It I hate earth enough as it is *cries jealously for not living in Aimee's world*
Is it the 4th/5th times i read it? Idk, i will always read it over and over again
maki_baka maki_baka Jan 18
wow, that escalated really quick 
                              (but also me when i saw Lauren J. 😍)
cynpotle cynpotle Jan 22
Or take her home and find out if what she's saying is true ☕️
havenzxz havenzxz Nov 29, 2016
My mummy said that we could have a baby by grabbing each other hands.
missXstreet missXstreet Jan 12
Some race they even have to force marry to the person they don't even met before.