Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl)

Planet Tierre (GirlxGirl)

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They're in love... 

They're from different races.

Different origins.

Different worlds.

Different planets.

They have different beliefs.

One thing is the same about them, though...

They are... of the same sex.

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littleshet littleshet Mar 03
🤦🏻‍♀️ letting a stranger in is like 101 how to be killed
So a planet full of men, so if Aimee's planet is full of women (lesbians), does that mean planet homme is full of gay people?
Hey don't judge, we are aliens too so we're the same as them, it's just that we don't live in the same planet
Damn I wish I had the guys to tell the person I like something like this. Not the I want to make babies part or the marry me part but the you are gorgeous part because damn I think I might be in love with her sadly