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Athlon, Chaos' Commander of the Universe (COMPLETED)

Athlon, Chaos' Commander of the Universe (COMPLETED)

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"You're good. But I'm Crowley." By NancySanda Completed

It's after the war and things are great for Percy but that all changes, when Jacob, a son of Ares, is determined to ruin Percy's life and after time he succeeds, causing Percy to run away. A couple months later Percy is found by Chaos and join him as Athlon, the commander of the Army of Chaos. But 500 years later something happens that causes him to have to go back to Earth to save the planet, all while keeping his identity a secret. What is Percy to do when he finds out that everyone does remember him and misses him, including Annabeth and all his friends are still alive including some other important people from his past? Bring in a lot of twists and secrets being revealed, including a son of A- well I shouldn't give it away just yet- and you've got this story.

Is it bad that I chose this story over another purely because it didn't have an overused name?
NotAGuardian NotAGuardian Jun 26, 2016
This jacob kid... Would his last name happen to be sartorius?
Xexclaima Xexclaima Apr 09, 2016
I CAN'T VOTE!!! NOOOOO!!! Anyways, I put comment instead. ;0
Iron_Girl101 Iron_Girl101 Jun 05, 2016
                              PERCABETH SHIPPERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Center67 Center67 Mar 03, 2016
Oh no a son of A- my grade in school it started to haunt me on WATTPAD to
ApolloCabinAtCHB ApolloCabinAtCHB Jan 09, 2016
Please don't be a Percabeth story... Please be an Annabitch story...