Enemy Mate

Enemy Mate

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In the dangerous world of werewolves, apart from the small packs, there is only two major packs. These two packs have been enemies for centuries and are constantly at battle with each other. The Midnight Moon pack is the kind and caring pack of the North; Red Blood is the ruthless and unforgiving pack of the South.  

Charlotte Ava Moon belongs to the Midnight Moon pack. She's Alpha Midnight's only daughter and youngest child at the age of 17.   Ayden Red is the Alpha of the Red Blood pack. His parents died in the hands of Alpha Midnight only 3 years ago, when Ayden was 19. Ever since the death of his parents he has pledged revenge on the Midnight Moon pack, no matter what.  

What happens when Charlotte and Ayden discover they are mates on the middle of a battle field and Ayden drags her back to his pack?   Both packs struggle through there twists and turns attempting to have Charlotte in their hands, as Charlotte and Ayden have their own battle as they try to create a relationship out of the ashes they created.

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Erza-Inu-Hyuga Erza-Inu-Hyuga Dec 13, 2016
I hate the name Charlotte. IDk why... One of my best friends is called Charlotte and I love her, but that name...
DSforever22 DSforever22 Apr 07, 2016
Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking of the gangs blood and crips?
mysterywolfdragon mysterywolfdragon Jan 03, 2016
It's funny how the pack with the word blood in it is the worse,that's a good way to remember which is which
SLNL24 SLNL24 Nov 24, 2015
What the?! A kind and caring pack in a fight for how many times?! .................well, it is possible, but how exactly?
Powerpridetv Powerpridetv Nov 15, 2015
My name is Charlie but just pain Charlie...
                              This story is already so good!
- - Nov 09, 2015
Id probably be dead to be able to hear the background music of the war whilst seeing their shocked faces.