I live with a vampire and his vampire servants

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A sixteen year old named Kiara Hatake is alone. Her mother died from a heart attack and her father died from a car accident. Her father told her that if anything happened to him go to that place where it would be safe. She is dropped off by Nick who use to work with her father. When Kiara discovers a secret of the place she is living in she goes through situations that no teenager would ever want to go through. She learns things that she never knew could exist. 
He must be one Hęll of a butler.  comment if you get the reference.
This is exactly like diabolical livers but just a slight of few changes
(lol)nick; ar u the masters son 
                                    the teeneger boy; no, i am the master
                                    nick; ar u sure??
Woah, my name is Kiara and a character from my fave anime's last name is Hatake... 0.o cool! :3
lol my names Kianna and the character in the story is Kiara <3 love it
i love these books plsease write more i cant get enough of them