Why Me? Louis Tomlinson <3 EDITING

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From the very first second Louis Tomlinson laid eyes on Delilah Cooper he knew she was the one. But Delilah Cooper has never been in love before. She just wants to get through her last year of school and block out her past, but that’s hard when unknown memorabilia keeps popping up and clouding her vision. Lies ruin people and Delilah is no stranger to that.  
The cow that was milked escaped and ate your dad... We're so sorry
Bestest is not a word but i agree on adding it to the dictionary
why are Jessica's always the bitches? I feel greatly annoyed about that. you shall hear from my fathers lawyer. Please hold my Prada bag while I get a nose job.
I love your story :D and if you don't mind me asking who's the girl in the picture on the side
@Angelscanflyy cool but its already good I make love storys but I don't post just for myself I guess don't worry about the spelling I mess up like that alot oh and ur really pretty btw
omg my name is lilly I hate it when ppl think its lily but its not good story so far