Birds of a Feather - Young Justice

Birds of a Feather - Young Justice

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 I used to have a bomb ass summary about my book but I accidentally deleted it and now I'm to angry to write a new one.

this book is not about birds, its about love. And also birds. Birds in love.

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Taalina Taalina May 25, 2016
I like it this is a very addicting hook.  I want to know how it turns out, are you writing from 1st person point of view, or 3rd?
                              Stay Whelmed :)
katydarkness katydarkness Jul 24, 2016
I have reread this book a billion times and it is still one of my favorites
MC_Vizsla MC_Vizsla Nov 24, 2015
How do you get so many views? I'm struggling to get 30 on mine :-( 
17D-Man71 17D-Man71 Mar 03, 2015
Yeah shield is more eagle-y night wing is more trifecta symbol like
BlackRose3700 BlackRose3700 Jan 26, 2015
I have read this book God knows how many tins and I still love it. Charlie is an amazing character and her relationship with Dick is awesome. This is a great book