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Mattias By TechieInAK Updated Oct 20, 2016

When Tim is sent on a mission to save the Earth from a bleak future, he's convinced that he will be greeted as a savior. Little does he know that the world he is intent on saving is not interested in his solutions and as the end draws near, he finds himself in a position where his own survival is in question. 

** Originally written for a sci-fi writing challenge. As of 3/2/17, I have decided to continue the story. I'm currently in the process of writing it and expect to start posting chapters within a few weeks. **

Cover image originally from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, used under Creative Commons 2.0.

Came here from Google+! Your story is amazing, I think this would be excellent for a movie! I love how you've been able to maintain a flow even when it's so detailed. Can't wait for more!
UnwantedFlyer6 UnwantedFlyer6 Dec 20, 2016
Wow this was really, really good. Totally different and I love different. You have an amazing way with detail, I could imagine every scene with vivid pictures. You should totally expand this story, I want to know what happens to earth and Tim!
TechieInAK TechieInAK Dec 20, 2016
That is for the feedback,  @UnwantedFlyer6 .You're not the only one that wants to hear the rest of the story. Might have to get busy with it :)
at least another chapter to explain please bc you left it with no answers