Stuck In Time

Stuck In Time

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Hazel is an anthropologist, specializing in the historical aspects of anthropology. She is the best in her field, for one simple reason, she has experienced history first hand, observed the culture. She travels through time with a strange pocket watch she found in a museum basement.

While being chased by Roman soldiers Hazel needed to make a quick get away, she pulled her pocket watch out and tryed to adjust the watch to take her back home. In the rush she dialed up the wrong year and in the stumble broke the watch, losing some of the gears and breaking the clock face. A blue glow came from the inner clock work, finding someone in 1800 England to fix this futuristic watch will prove to be a challenge.

In order to get home Hazel will have to break her number one rule "Don't interfere". Quickly she learns how important that rule was when those who she interacts with have a hard time letting her leave, using force to get her to stay.

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