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Alex J Wynter By KurokageJS Updated Jan 21, 2017

*Book Two of the Earth Embassies series*

Just a few months ago, Gabriel Kayne was a mere office clerk. Then he made the stupid decision to become an Agent. Ever since then, his life has gone from bad to worse.

The Embassies have fallen, forcing all surviving Agents to go into hiding from the Zeroes. The alien terrorists seem intent  on eliminating all opposition, and one of their favorite tricks is to spawn deadly portals all over the world. These doorways spew forth horrific creatures that carry a deadly, incurable plague.

As the death toll rises, the clock starts ticking towards humanity's doom. Gabriel Kayne is one of the few survivors who is in a unique position to help, but he's got major problems of his own.  

A group of black-eyed Sigari hold him captive, and it seems they have something in common with him. Something that completely changes his entire existence.

*cover by Nasmir*