Rejected by the alpha but still wanted (boyxboy)

Rejected by the alpha but still wanted (boyxboy)

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Turtle By LaughingJake-Jack Updated May 26

~Jeffs POV~

I groaned as I sat up to someone yelling my name.

"JEFF GET DOWN HERE NOW!!" I could hear my father yell from downstairs.

I sighed getting up and walking to my closet getting a band t-shirt and some black skinny jeans.

I got into the bathroom taking a shower and getting ready before making my way down stairs as my father continued to yell for me.

"What?" I asked standing a bit ways from the alpha. Mother, my brother Alex, and Father were all standing there.

The alpha, Sebastian, sniffed the air and looked at me.

"Yes?" I asked looking over at him feeling weird until my inner wolf yells 'MATE'. Oh hell no! He can't be my mate! He's with my brother!

"I, Sebastian Moon, reject you ,Jeff Collin, as my mate" he said and my heart felt like it had been stabbed, but before the darkness could take over me I said,

"Good, I reject you Sebastian Moon as my mate as well." I said, hearing a loud thud as I fell to the ground.

I woke up to some one shaking me harshly,

"Wake the ...

me every morning😂 even with the bring me the horizon part
Flower_Boy_ Flower_Boy_ Oct 26
Wow. Fück you too. You missing out on a lot of awesomeness and sexiness.
Why?? U don't even bother to give him a chance?!? And he can't say he's straight cause he's with Jeff's brother
KawaiiKumaGirl KawaiiKumaGirl May 31, 2015
great chapter,I can tell already that Jeff and Violet have a great friendship with many sexual jokes in it too though :-)
MahoganyTaylor MahoganyTaylor Jan 03, 2014
I love it already so violet and Jeff are they like f buddy's or something or just really close friends?