Barn Again: A Memoir

Barn Again: A Memoir

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Fuck a description-here's what @BG_Davies, who read a real live paperback copy, said about this book in his legendary Amazon review:

"I am an avid reader. Not a rabid reader these days but the 30-40 book per year reader. And of the books I have read in the past year, Barn Again: A Memoir makes my short list for most enjoyable reads. It is refreshingly different, a non-linear memoir, an inside joke, the 'This is Spinal Tap' of literary fiction.

"Barn Again: A Memoir is a collection of vignettes from the bizarre life of Jonathan Barnard Jr, sarcastic skeptic, restroom poet, successful author, struggling human with a penchant for using handguns to defend his version of liberalism. Barnard is enough of a critic of American society to make the Right Wing reconsider their position on gun control. Alan Good is a master of sarcasm, making us laugh out loud at the frightening state America has become, yet, ultimately, providing hope that the world might wiggle out of this one. As long as there are characters like Jonathan Barnard writing and prairie dogs flipping the finger, there might be a chance. I would feel better if this memoir wasn't fictional--and if it had been chosen by a mainstream publisher.

"An outstanding book, ideal for lovers of Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski and political limericks." 

If you like what you read, you could even buy the book.

Barn Again: A Memoir is a work of fiction. Seriously. The characters and dialogue are inventions; the occasional appearances by real people are entirely make-believe. This is not the memoir of a real person; this is the memoir of an imagined character named Jonathan Barnard Jr., which should be obvious to most people, even if it wasn't obvious to certain literary agents who won't be named here because their names have been forgotten.

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