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The Name's Ryan

The Name's Ryan

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midnight thunder storms get the best of me By _SilentStorms_ Completed

(EXTENDED VERSION INSIDE)                                                                                                                                                                                           Have you ever been so scared you can't move?   That's how I felt when Jayce Ryley Hinton was standing in front of me.  "What's your name nerd?" His voice was deep and husky.   Full of confidence, the opposite of mine.   I felt like if I didn't answer, he'd break me like a twig.   "Ryan. Ryan Alison Cosbeck" I squeaked.   Yes, Ryan is a boys name.   But it can be a girls name too.   My parents wanted a boy okay?   He smirked. "Isn't that a boys name?" He asked inching closer.  


Squeaky18 Squeaky18 Sep 12, 2016
                              UM, UM, AHA
                              People live everyday, you just die once
                                         -from the wonderful internet
chic_chocolate chic_chocolate May 04, 2016
Dead it was all serious and then bam he fell threw her roof like that isn't something you get told everyday
LoneWolfNia LoneWolfNia Jul 25, 2016
He fell through her roof?!!! Damn that sounds awesome!! Oh and that must've been painful...
prunev prunev Aug 13, 2016
I was reading like a normal person....i did a double take and was like -wait wat?😂😂😂
rosela92 rosela92 Jul 24, 2016
Isn't Ryley a girls name? That's what I would've said since it's his middle name