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Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer

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Lunalove673 By Lunalove673 Completed

Everything was going good for Cecilia Evers. That is, until another pack ambushes her own and slaughters them. Only Cecilia and a little girl, Malorie, are alive, and they head towards a pack that gives sanctuary, Sea Cliff.
After being temporarily granted into Sea Cliff, Cecilia and Malorie become known with the community as the single mother wolf and her adopted child. When the time comes that the Alpha of Sea Cliff has to formally accept Cecilia and Malorie into the pack, Cecilia goes with a confident stature.
But when she meets the Alpha, something changes, sparks ignite, and she runs.
Pierce Harvey was blown away when the ferocious and lively new member of his pack turns out to be his mate. He doesn't understand why she runs, or why she won't accept him as her mate either. But he is determined to change her mind.
As the girls integrate themselves more into the community, and Pierce consistently tries to win Cecilia, a threat shows up, one that could potentially harm everything that Cecilia has come to care for, including Pierce. What she doesn't know is why, but what she does know is she would sacrifice herself for them any day.
As they say, family before yourself.

queenbeannnn queenbeannnn Jun 08, 2016
modern, lyrical, jaz, contemporary, and ballet😁 at least 6 hours a day, everyday
crazycraal crazycraal Apr 01, 2016
Everyone's saying that this would be their dad but this would be my brother and my best friend. My dad would be the silent intimidating one that would make you feel uncomfortable
antpinsta antpinsta Dec 04, 2015
Already loving this because Nicole from America's Next Top Model plays the lead and she's my favorite
Jenlovesyou2401 Jenlovesyou2401 Oct 28, 2015
I'm reading the comments and i keep thinking how do you burn water?!?!?  Does it not just evaporate?
saversa saversa Oct 11, 2015
I dance everyday Sunday through Friday for at least 5 hours a day
Wrecking_Ball Wrecking_Ball Jul 22, 2015
Jane Levy should be her! She's super pretty and is still a red head