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DunePercabeth By DunePercabeth Updated Oct 11, 2018

*Watty's Shortlist!*

Asher didn't know what he expected when he woke up in the desert, but it certainly wasn't to be shot at. It's 2056 and Asher-along with a group of twenty-one boys who can't remember a thing-is left reeling after barely surviving the battle that marked the beginning of his only memories.

Dropped in the West Bank with nothing aside from the clothes on their backs and chains at their necks, the group scours the land, desperate to solve the mystery of their arrival. 

As Asher discovers the truth, he realizes that the fate of humanity may as well rest in his hands. 

Cover credit: @TheLittleMissShadow

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Sarah_MacLean Sarah_MacLean May 23, 2018
Really love this - captivating imagery, and a crafty villain I can already get behind hating. Looking forward to reading more!
- - Feb 07, 2018
The story seems interesting. It escalated quite quickly when he said he shot the man. That was actually my favourite part of this chapter because it was so unexpected.
alark32 alark32 Dec 31, 2017
I can already tell I'm gonna love this... and that villain is wild. Nice. :D
polfam_backup polfam_backup Dec 29, 2017
Ahh such a cool villain character! I can’t wait to see what happens next
- - Jan 16, 2018
I have no idea what's going on. 
                              But it's interesting. Dark and interesting. Good job so far. 
looneyluna004 looneyluna004 Apr 21, 2018
and here I was thinking he was gonna be good or something....