Keep Me Closer ( Camila/You)

Keep Me Closer ( Camila/You)

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PalacePlease By PalacePlease Completed

22 year old Camila Cabello just found out two big things in one day. 

The first being she is finally pregnant and the second being that her husband 7 months is being deployed after having been home for two years. His name is Joel.

Feeling so many things Camila asks Joel's sister , Y/n if she can come stay with her while Joel is on leave. Now everyone thought this was a great idea, but is it really when Camila starts falling for Joel's sister. And also, will she feel the same? 

Read On to find out everything!

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damryn damryn Oct 31, 2017
My cousin used to call me bear then Bella then Isabella and now issy
leesymarie leesymarie Jan 29, 2017
Okay so this is literally the best way for her to need to stay in her home. I hate the tears but love the flow. I'm expecting good things from the next chapter.
Rockshata Rockshata Oct 19, 2016
Love it as always. Surprising us with new stories, can't wait for the next updates. I know those updates would be bomb as always. 😊
ShelleySweetie23 ShelleySweetie23 Oct 19, 2016
                              I'm already hooked!
                              I honestly can't wait for more!🙌😊😀❤
Rockshata Rockshata Oct 19, 2016
And you said you're gonna make this bigger than Listen to me and Hear me out. Girl Imma just put my seat belts on,  coz this is gonna be a hella bumpy ride. 😂😂😂 .. I can't wait. 😂 .. When's the next update?!  Give it to me! 😂 Hahaha 😂