Tales of Harmonin

Tales of Harmonin

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Leo Hevia By leohevia18 Updated Jan 21, 2013

Tales of Harmonin: The first part in an epic long saga. Tales of Harmonin is a science fiction fantasy taking place in an alternate universe of the milky way galaxy. The two main protagonist and their childhood friends wake up in a new world a thousand years into the future and are forced to come to terms that Earth no longer exists and everyone they knew and cared about are gone. As they look for answers as to why they’re no longer on Earth, they must survive the challenges ahead of them as a galaxy on the brink of war threatens to destroy the balance of life and ruin their friendship and sanity.
As the main cast begin to realize what human nature is capable of and discover forbidden secrets that have been locked away for eons. 

This unique book; in not only its story and characters, but in the manner that it is told, has been written and designed as a “literal” graphic novel. The book’s written text on the left side of the book, contains about three paragraphs. Then on the right side of the book, there are illustrations in comic book form. Each panel representing  2-3 scenes happening in each paragraph. With this form of visual and descriptive writing I am creating a novel that will excite the reader as they visually see what they are reading as well as help those who are more accustomed to learning visually than mentally. 

We've already completed the manuscript, and are currently working on the illustrations with my artist John Tanco-Rahim. I’ve drawn some of the concept art of the first three chapters and you can see some of John's renders on the facebook page via the link below You can also email me using the email below.



Author's Note: I've edited the Prologue and chapters 1-3. They have an over all darker tone and much more detail added. We hope everyone enjoys!

Jamira11 Jamira11 Dec 13, 2012
Good beginning...well I only read the first few sentences, but it sounds good so far. I'm gonna read it some time later XD
leohevia18 leohevia18 Mar 16, 2012
@dreamwriting2611 awwww well thank you. @dreamwriting2611 yea editor needs to tweak it plus the site wont let me upload the images that go along with the story... but i'll be publishing it soon using Lulu i'm just waiting on my illustrator
AimeeShaye AimeeShaye Mar 14, 2012
I love your detail and the story line.  i think once you do all that editing, you'll be perfect!! <3
BillBarr BillBarr Jan 15, 2012
                              Good story line, but your pacing needs some tuning up.  The school fight scene drags on.  On other situations and people, I agree with Emma that more details would bring to greater life the telling of your Tales.