A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story

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At the age of 8, Bella Swan lost her father to an earthquake; now 9 years later, she lives in the attic of her house while her evil stepmother Sue, and two step sisters Leah and Victoria take over her life.  After her fathers death and not having a will left to her, her evil stepmother got everything that her father left behind. And she makes Bella do everything, at the house, at her father's diner.

At her school she is shunned by the popular stuck up girls, the main one being Tanya Denali, a very wealthy, spoiled person. Her only escape? The dinner staff, her best friend Alice, and her online buddy- Nomad. They both go to Fork's High, and dream of going to Princeton. They have a relationship that goes through text messages and email. He finally asks her to the Halloween dance, where they meet, and she finds out Edward is Nomad! Yikes! 

Before he can find out who she is, she must leave with her best friend Alice and race back to the dinner before her evil stepmother catches her gone. As she's leaving the dance, her mask drops, and Edward ends up finding it! He tries to find out who Cinderella is, and Bella is afraid that if he finds out who she really is he may not want anything to do with her.

Will he find out who his 'Cinderella' is? Will Bella come forward and tell him it is her? And what about Tanya?

[Note; this story is BASED off of A Cinderella Story with Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff. There are twists and different things though so its different but the same! Most of the dialogue is the same; Instead of a cellphone, he finds her mask. And they meet earlier on and such. I don't want to spoil it, just read it and find out. Thanks! And YES this is a TWILIGHT Fan Fiction. Gotten a bunch of comments about it -.- Not like the description describes Twilight or anything. If you don't like Twilight- then don't read it. Simple as that. I do NOT own anything. Copyrights go out to whomever owns them. Enjoy!] 


AngelLeeana AngelLeeana Aug 11
I have seen this movie and it feels great to read it all over
41xxha 41xxha May 14, 2016
This is the exact same story as a Cinderella story the movie
ClarityBrook ClarityBrook Apr 03, 2016
Props to the author. That was almost an exsate quotation of the movoe! I would never be able to remember it!
BeccaSlays BeccaSlays Jan 14
This movie was on netflix but I can't find it anymore but thank Irene (someone please get that reference) for this book
BeccyCarson BeccyCarson Jun 05, 2016
isn't that exactly like the cinderella story with hillary duff started??
Ashle4 Ashle4 Feb 27, 2016
This is not based off of, this is the whole movie just that different names