Canvas of Scars

Canvas of Scars

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Miickala By Kay-KAylalala Completed

Kantelle was abused. Mentally, physically and verbally. She cut at her wrists for a sense of closure, to feel as if she was in control. There wasn't a day when she didn't wonder why she was still alive, and why no one loved her. She channeled the pain and suffering she felt in her art, poetry and through her razor when it sliced against her flesh. She created a Canvas of Scars that told the story hidden in her mind.  She had all but given up on life, and living until one day, she met a boy who changed everything.

Malichi was an overall bright and happy person. He was Christian, and devoted to his faith; despite this, he also had a past that he'd overcome and was still overcoming. When he sees Kantelle for the first time, he knew that she needed him. For what he didn't know, but he still took her in despite her cool exterior and haunted demeanor. He set on a quest to search her soul, and bring her the love and happiness she was deprived of in life. His love burned like a supernova, but will she welcome the warmth? Will she let him be her saving grace? Will he unveil the story behind her Canvas of Scars?

Read on and you'll find out ;)

    This is legit the third time I've read this , I absolutely in love ..... please make a sequel .!! I beg it of you @Kay-KAylalala
    So first you say no one will even want to speak to her then you accuse her of sleeping with a boy.... YOU WITCHHH.(Sorry i kind fo live stories while reading them)
    wallofglass wallofglass Apr 23
    has she really gotta be a self harming emo couldn't you be a lil bit more original
    The_Queen_ofHELL The_Queen_ofHELL Mar 19, 2016
    Why the hell are you making this seem poetic and beautiful? Have you ever cut? It's not beautiful and it's not poetic it's a horrible addiction!!! Don't make books that fantasize self harm!!! It's not right!!
    ExtremelyNerdyLoser ExtremelyNerdyLoser Dec 11, 2016
    "When you absorb all light the outfit is right."-(figure it out)😉👍
    - - Apr 14, 2016
    This is wonderful I love ur soul. It's amazing and so beautifully written. I'm so glad u care and have a heart cuz a lot of people don't