Maine Mendoza had been rushed into a wedding she never anticipated to take place; it almost feels like she's been sold to Richard Faulkerson Jr. #miniseries

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maemi10 maemi10 Jun 07, 2017
Di ako nanalo ng price s twitter pro ang sya sya ko ang kukulet ng ADN 
                              thank u po s UD
scal0250 scal0250 Feb 18
I just stumble on your story today Feb 18, 2018, so I actually getting confuse when I read some comment but I will continue reading.
ZsuzsiWei ZsuzsiWei Dec 30, 2016
Rereading this,  baka may mga details akong na overlook sa first reading.
ZsuzsiWei ZsuzsiWei Mar 02, 2017
Umpisahan ulit natin dahil tapos ko na basahin ang ending ng Sold! Para namnamin natin bawat details mula Chapter 1!
dandyRichelleee dandyRichelleee Feb 11, 2017
Grabehan ang WP! MIA lng aketch for like, 4months, may pa-comment na for every parts in EACH chapters!! Pero ang lufet lang ni Faulkerson ah! Very good yan! Nakakakilig much! Hehe.. 😍✌🏻️😁
Yna_Kay Yna_Kay Oct 18, 2016
I love u author. Now i know why awol ang mga fave kong stories pero ok lang.. aral muna bago kilig. Pero TY for this kilig! I miss u!