Hello Sweetie

Hello Sweetie

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River and the Doctor are finally at a point in their time stream where they are both married. Unfortunately for the Doctor, his father-in-law can be very protective of his not-so-little girl. And he has a pointy sword. But how complicated will things get when they meet Rose, Martha, Jack Harkness, and a variety of others? Not to mention the amount of danger faced on something as simple as a honey moon.... Read for plenty of fluff, awkward moments, and a surprise!   (The beginning chapters aren't all that good, ok? I'm pretty sure I've immensely improved my writing skills since I wrote those. I promise, it gets better as you read.) 

 Cover by ThaliaGrace3214

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rayhen12 rayhen12 Apr 21, 2017
If I were River my first comment would be: "so no fun stuff today? At least we can practice till we decide to have some babies sweety"
demigods_rule55 demigods_rule55 Nov 19, 2015
Can anyone else imagine him being all dad-like and trying to get angry at the doctor?
TwinklyTwinkly TwinklyTwinkly Oct 10, 2014
I just laughed and my dog jumped onto my bed scaring the living daylights out of me
allonsygirly22 allonsygirly22 Sep 21, 2014
DragonWarrior214 DragonWarrior214 Jul 23, 2014
I think it's good as long as my parents don't read it and think something is wrong with me. O_O
OffToTheTardis OffToTheTardis Jul 20, 2014
Really? I thought bananas were more Nine and Ten's things. Eleven's is fish fingers and custard.