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Outcasts [boyxboy]

Outcasts [boyxboy]

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Jen By SkeneKidz Updated Feb 26, 2016

Jules has a problem- everyone thinks he’s a girl. When Jules moves to a new school, he finds himself making quirky new friends. Josiah, Lea, Jimm, and Chance are outcasts who have banded together, pulling Jules into their group as well. Jules finds himself being put into outrageous situations thanks to his new friends. From stealing in the girls’ locker room, to babysitting an 18 year old, to pretending to be someone’s girlfriend, Jules just can’t catch a break. Things get even crazier when Josiah falls in love with Jules. But Jules is straight…right?

I hate this too, and yes I've tried to go before hand and tell my teachers not to call me out in front of the class... none of them listened... :/
KSwitcher KSwitcher Jun 25
How has no one taken these? I'll name my new children Brent, Gabe, and Thomas (I love you if you get these ^^)
I carry my backpack everywhere, because I suck at opening lockers. They all hate me, they're all plotting against me. 
                              (The lockers plotting part is a joke.. I'm only slightly crazy. But they really do hate me.)
shoey102 shoey102 Jun 16
Same. I once moved five times within the year. A different school each time
I know how you feel, well kinda. I was a foster kid for 4 years, and no house ever kept me for more than 2months
16Calmgirl 16Calmgirl Jun 30
Jules is my nickname omg, almost Everyone, my classmates, NY friends and family calls me Jules.  😂😂