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Can't Let Go (Published, Preview Only)

Can't Let Go (Published, Preview Only)

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Anamika G.K. By AnamikaGK Updated Oct 21, 2016

Aria, a shy and pretty she-wolf of Sky Moon pack had a thousand dreams of bumping into her fate-chosen mate as soon as she was of imprinting age.

That was four years ago when she had turned sixteen which was the official age when werewolves start imprinting on their mates. Now she was going to turn twenty in a few months and was still mate-less. Meanwhile, Alpha of their pack, Shikhar, had imprinted on her younger sister, making her family immensely proud.  Aria could only dream of such luck. But a content soul, she was actually genuinely ready to happily settle for just a warm and compassionate mate. Still, with each passing day, her hope of finding her fate chosen mate was dwindling and she could do nothing but cringe at her disappointing destiny. But she had to make peace with her fates. Maybe she was destined for an arranged match, she had started thinking.

However, suddenly Fates turned and she got imprinted-on by her fate chosen mate soon after. And HE was not just any werewolf. Proud, ruthless, possessive and unapologetic, Danish was a handsome werewolf of regal bloodline and the Alpha of the most powerful warrior pack in the world, Midnight Warriors. The only problem, he kind of had attacked Aria's pack, his fighters killed a few of her pack members in the process, he himself half-killed her brother-in-law Alpha Shikhar before taking over their territory by force and publicly assaulted her father as well. Not exactly the kind of man Aria had dreamt of for herself. Her family disliked him too. Heck, even her pack looked at her differently now. So much for wanting a fate-mate! Torn between her inner-wolf's inexplicably strong mating pull and her loyalty towards her family and pack-members, she decided to reject him.

But, to stubborn Danish, Aria was rightfully his now. His mate. Letting go of her did not feature anywhere in his plans. The sooner she understands that, the better!

Mamthak Mamthak Oct 18, 2016
Wow. ..super excited🎉🎉 ...I m happy you r updating it in wattpad. .I was missing this story you hv removed it from blog you were going to publish this story naa..but i happy will be able to read again😄😄😄....r going to change some plot in the story or is it same ...
yoga1237 yoga1237 Oct 18, 2016
Hi Anamika, I am so happy to read this story again.  Thank you for posting here.  I read it on the blog though.  Your stories give the same enthusiam and interest to me whenever I go back and read again.
ranogill ranogill Oct 18, 2016
so happy to read to read it of the few stories i read in fan fiction which were not focussed on arshi...awesome
DeviVj DeviVj Oct 18, 2016
I hav no idea tht its already a completed story
                              Love to read it though..
                              Eagerly waiting for d update 
                              Change from Arshi to Aria&D