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The Unexpected [Boy x Boy Romance]

The Unexpected [Boy x Boy Romance]

175K Reads 5.3K Votes 12 Part Story
Squid By Dreygur Completed

Donnie, the sought after jock who had it all, and Derek, the alluring bad boy who seemed to be going nowhere fast. An unlikely, and, well, unfriendly duo who end up being forced together, in... An awkward way. Forced to be civil? Forced the be friendly? Forced to... Hug each other once a day, in front of a teacher or other staff member while on school grounds? These people had to be crazy, right? And all of this was supposed to make them get along... All because of a few little fights and issues at school! If anything, it was only making their anger and hate for each other grow stronger and stronger... Or was it?

xxxPurpleUnicornxxx xxxPurpleUnicornxxx Mar 19, 2016
Top Donnie! Give me popcorn! I'm ready for the show *wink wink*
BookWormley BookWormley Dec 16, 2016
I just wished the paragraphs are smaller and thoughts are written separately from dialogs and makes reading pleasant...... And by the way story is interesting so far👍
Benny_the_Alien Benny_the_Alien Dec 22, 2016
I'm reading this book for the second time because I loved it so much tho I never finished it the first time
whatnormality whatnormality Mar 17, 2016
this is such an accurate description of high school as an experience and the events therein xx
phycopath14 phycopath14 Oct 31, 2016
This reminds me that my dad is a kindergarten drop out, and i was kicked out of a few prescools
NS_Smith NS_Smith Feb 24, 2015
For someone who "don't like" the bad boy, he's sure is naming the things that he finds "attractive" on him. Lol.*wink, wink*