Faith On Allah... Imaan (Ibadah Book 2)

Faith On Allah... Imaan (Ibadah Book 2)

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roshannay By roshannay Updated Jun 13, 2019

"I will destroy you and through you I will put your family in pain! Only then will they realise the pain of seeing a loved one suffer!" He looked into her Kohl rimmed eyes and spoke cruelly.

"I won't suffer! I will show you what I am made of! You chose the wrong girl!" She glared at him with equal ferocity.

Ma'arij Afandi is burning in the fire of revenge. He wants to cool it by making the ones responsible for it pay... He is going to attack till he destroys her.

Asweera Nawal is a Shams through and through and she fights her battles with courage and Patience. She is not going to give up... Ever... She is a fighter and she is going to stand up again and again till fate itself accepts her as the winner!

Armed with their weapons and starting a war, they don't realise that Allah has his own plans and his plans are the BEST...

(Love for Allah... Ibadah Book 2! Read the first part if you haven't)