Love Letters That Aren't About Love

Love Letters That Aren't About Love

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Tess By TessMackenzie Updated Dec 20, 2014

Emma receives an intensely personal email from a stranger by mistake, a woman she doesn’t know, and starts emailing back. What begins as nothing more than a sympathetic conversation suddenly turns to sex, and Emma and the stranger start talking, and flirting, and writing each other dirty emails, and Emma wonders how far she wants this to go.


Um, hi, and so again, yes, I’m talking in here. Sorry.

So this is a bit of an idea, kind of a mix of normal story, and the emails two people send each other.  It’s got a bit more organized now, so I can explain properly.  I’m not quite sure where it’s going, but basically a mix of Emma and Alyssa’s sort-of affair, and Emma writing emails to Alyssa about how she feels.

So the chapters that say “Emma” or “Emailing” are the email ones.  Um, obviously.

Emma also writes dirty stories to Alyssa, about how she imagines they might meet, and what they do.  This seems to be turning into a thing too.  So at the moment, those are chapters 8, 9, 11, 14 , 15, 16, 20, and 21.  These are basically short stories on their own, so if you want to just look at those without all the rest, you can.

So this because I wanted to do some first-person, but not completely, and also not just them sending each other their fantasies, because that seems impersonal. So sending that, but also other stuff too, so you see what else is going on for them, other than what they actually say to each other.

And kind of assume there’s lots of smiley and xxxs and stuff all through the emails, because, yeah. But I decided it was easier to read this way, like just as words in a conversation, as if they’re talking with their voices.  That’s also why it’s “she wrote” rather than trying to describe each email turning up one by one.  So hopefully the emails don’t look too weirdly formal like this though. Um, :), !, and xxx, there you go.

And thank you for looking.  Just, so much!  I’m so glad people want to!  Yay!

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Dahentire Dahentire Nov 22, 2015
I keep finding these cute stories of yours without meaning it, thank you! They make my day! :)
VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 Jun 26, 2014
Hmm why do I feel this cutesy story taking a I like it so far...yeah I'm rooting for a hook up...
VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 Jun 26, 2014
A lot of thought from just one's kinda cutesy....yeah it's cutesy...
Journey64 Journey64 Nov 08, 2013
It would be funny if the other Emma was actually Lucy. No wait, that wouldn't be funny at all. Scratch that.
Journey64 Journey64 Nov 08, 2013
I would probably do the same as Emma. I wouldn't want someone to feel ignored especially with something like this. Kudos Emma.