babysitting the mafias son [COMPLETE]

babysitting the mafias son [COMPLETE]

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anna, a woman that has a mother  that wants her to get a job, which she dose in that day. what is that job? babysitting a baby, but no ordinary baby but a mafias baby, she doesn't know that until....

what will happen when she figures it out? would she die? would she live? would she be unemployed and get yelled at by her mother? lets find out since i'm totally terrible of writing descriptions.

October 17?, 2016

March 11, 2017

Editing started:
Sometime on May ??, 2017

Buttttt editing ended:
December 24, 2017

⚠️I may have edit the book but still some errors left, maybe in a year or so I'm going to try my best to correct everything, especially my Spanish!⚠️

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dont_care_bitch dont_care_bitch 3 days ago
It's not really that bad, I personally think you just need to work on your grammatical errors. But I like the concept of the story so far. (gonna) sorry I'm like a huge grammar Nazi.
KaixNini KaixNini Dec 30, 2017
My mom said the exact same thing damn lol im 23 too i got a job i have an apt tho i stay with my mom most of the time lol and now i need a husband which is never going to happen. Hah
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crop_top crop_top Jan 05
There's a billion possibilities of that red spots😐😐😂😂😂😂
dont_care_bitch dont_care_bitch 3 days ago
Me as a mom😂😂 you gotta get out my house once you turn 18 or 19 unless you bringing in that income💀
Eriequeen Eriequeen Jan 04
Im laughing haha then when i come out of my room she woulf be angry that i didnt reply her . Like wth ??