babysitting the mafias son [complete]

babysitting the mafias son [complete]

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Her mother wanted her to find a job, Anna found a perfect job that was babysitting since it offered her a free living space. What Anna didn't know is that she would soon discover a dark secret that's been kept from her, new romance, new friendship with broken hearts, and possible death.
What do you think will happen? 
Well find out by reading mah book :3 

October 17?, 2016

March 11, 2017

Editing started:
Sometime on May ??, 2017

Buttttt editing ended:
December 24, 2017

⚠️I may have edit the book but still some errors left, maybe in a year or so I'm going to try my best to correct everything, especially my Spanish!⚠️

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in reality it'll probaly be a creepy dude living in tiny ruined house
i'd get attacked with 765435467 questions and they still wont let me go
rominabici rominabici Sep 10
all these spanish people. wattpad is bringing the world together
Te verdad thats what my mom says everyday thank God i speak 2 languages
Doesa777 Doesa777 Aug 31
Ok I really just want to say thank YOU for putting translations in because it really saves me a lot of time to not read every comment to understand what they are saying 💗
taexbts taexbts 3 days ago
¿Que eres buena haciendo?
                              In Spanish the question marks usually go before and after the question 
                              i hope this doesn’t sound mean I’m just trying to help