Dreaming of This

Dreaming of This

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Susan Robinson By sbrobinson Completed

What would you do to save the person you love?

Thirty year old psychology professor, Mari Ashcroft had the picture perfect life. When a set of prolific nightmares puts the professor on edge she tries to push it aside and move on with her life. 

One night her nightmares come true and her life is torn away. She must fight against the clock and learn to control this new magic before she loses the person who means the most to her. 

Holding nothing back, Mari risks it all to save her daughter, tearing her way through the city to bring her home all while learning her hidden past and controlling her new feelings for the man helping her.  

Pitched- ‪Taken+Charmed. When Mari's daughter is kidnapped even a tangle of murder, lies, and betrayal won't stop this witch from bringing her home. ‬

Sounds like a rollercoaster to me, even some mature scenes. Yay!
EmmaHavana EmmaHavana Apr 21
sounds amazing! although i'm always game for erotica too (lol i know wattpad forbids them)
Jacklyn Jacklyn May 09
This has a lot of elements and can't wait to get started!! If it's anything like the previous I'd say it's a big hell yeah!
RyanSkaggs RyanSkaggs Feb 18
I love the quote, " it's a shadow." the idea that no matter how bright there will always be a shadow somewhere. SICK quote!! :D
I actually didn't think this is gonna be a story about witchcraft, I haven't read one about it here on wattpad yet...😊
Why do I have the feeling that these words will serve as a reminder to her throughout this story? 😊