Mama, I'm in Love with a Criminal ... [[ boy x boy ]]

Mama, I'm in Love with a Criminal ... [[ boy x boy ]]

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kingsley. By itsdejavu Updated Jul 22, 2012

"911, what's your emergency?"

there's a serial killer on the loose.

he's sick. murderous.

he's chosen me as his last victim.

i'm the grand finale. i'm the last. i'm 252525/252525.

but there's one issue ...

my name is matthew gabriel monroe.
my serial killer is in love with me.


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MarsDrownedTheKiller MarsDrownedTheKiller Jun 23, 2016
I am so happy someone else  writes these kind of stories. 
                              I give you full reespect.
                              congrats,  I'm now going to read all your books.
                              I'm probably not a stalker. No, not a stalker. but thats close enough.
awsm14 awsm14 May 20, 2016
Can we talk about why he going in the middle of the night and is walking around town and bumps into Mr. Creeping Pants and is surprised!? JUST BECAUSE YOU AINT SPECIAL DOESNT MEAN YOU NOT GONNA DIE!!!!!! HE STUDIED!!!!!(good story line though. Very creative!)
Vhrilx Vhrilx Jan 23, 2016
I love the details and plot of this story. Your grammar is fantastic.
shookology shookology Jan 20, 2016
Is it bad that I'm eating right now 'cause.. I feel a little sick. But holy crap, the details are deep. Very well written even. :)
I believe Mattie has been watching too much Criminal Minds.
                              MATTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD==============XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                              (sorry, there was a different little Mattie that died.... QnQ )
ShogunOfLiterature ShogunOfLiterature Jul 19, 2015
Psycho and Psychology are spelled wrong and Psychology paricuularly criminal psychology, study of criminal minds, physiology is study of human facial features.