His Girl (BWWM)*Mature Content*

His Girl (BWWM)*Mature Content*

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Zinzi(PennameJewel) By PennameJewel Completed

Ricky Fanto has been stuck with her alcoholic father for the last 4 years since she was 14 which also marked the day her mother left them both. 

At 18 years now. She will be graduating high school soon. Ricky is almost raped by her father only for Theo to come to her rescue. Afraid to go back to her father and Theo offering her shelter and protection she goes with him and a relationship ensues. 

Theodore Patron is 29 and the right hand man of one of the most ruthless drug Lords in New York City. One night he meets Ricky, a beautiful young woman nothing like any of the woman he dates. He feels attracted to her and wants to protect her, before long he can't resist her not even their 11 year age difference is enough to stop them from being together. 

Will Ricky be able to keep up with Theo's dangerous, fast paced world of sex, drugs, money and power. Find out. 


This book contains mature content. Probably an age rating of 18 and above. 

This is a work of fiction solely based on the authors imagination. Any similarities to real life people is pure coincidence. All pictures and videos used do not belong to the author unless stated they are the sole ownership of their owners.

imdatchick imdatchick Jun 25
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accme1 accme1 Jul 19
My bestfriend can say my man cute but anything else imma have to deck her
Peacerilli Peacerilli Jul 03
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Lungileigh Lungileigh Aug 11
Some dads thou.....they not worth it....I mean like are u for real....
honaiy honaiy Jun 03
I haven't started with book and its fun already 😂😂😂