Harry Styles Dirty Imagines

Harry Styles Dirty Imagines

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Dino0101 By Dino0101 Updated Jun 10, 2016

I wake up and shout when I feel someone beside me. I look over. 

"Shit Harry." I hit him, calming myself down. 

"Hi." He smiles, he kisses my cheek, moving down to my neck. I get a feeling of giving into his temptation, I don't. I'm only fifteen- he's nineteen. 

"Harry I can't my parents are home." He stops and stares at me with a puppy dog face, I know I can't. I can't end up like one of those pregnant girls on television. 

"Stop it." I hit him.

"How the hell did you get in here anyways?" I look at him. 

"The window was unlocked." He nods towards the window, I feel the draft. 

"Jesus Harry." I take the sheets off and hurry to the window, closing it without making noise. I get back in bed. 

"Great. Now I'm cold." I say. 

"So am I. Maybe we can cuddle- you know for warmth." He whispers with his adorable british accent. 

"If you really want to." I tease him, regretting saying no to him. I turn around and feel his body make contact with mine. He wraps his hands around me. 


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golds1998 golds1998 3 days ago
When she took off her belt and said she threw in on the floor I thought she was talking about his dick
Tejanita14 Tejanita14 Apr 23
"No, you're not, SHREK CALLED! HE WANTS HIS FACE BACK!!!" That's what I'd say to ANYONE who brings out that line *mic drop*
JulieHuff1 JulieHuff1 Apr 21
It's illegal because he is nineteen and she is fifteen. She would have to be 18.
SabokoChan5 SabokoChan5 Feb 20
I'm sorry. But who the duck would want t  have sex in  a dead mothers room
HoranZHugs HoranZHugs Aug 28, 2016
I hate it when ppl do that ugh just dont ask me about ur appearance okay?