Loyalty in the Windy City

Loyalty in the Windy City

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Preview continued......
     Oh is something about
Just something about the way she move
I can't figure it out
Is something about her
 "Ne-yo x Miss independent "


      "You get your fast ass out my house and don't you bring your ugly ass back here". Passion's foster mother yelled at the top of her lungs . She was kicking Passion out because she had caught Passion in bed with her husband who constantly rape Passion . Tonight Ms. Bernice came home early and caught it just before anything happen but still blamed Passion.
       "Fuck YOU you stupid ass women I'm out your sad ass can have that little dick man shit he ain't pleasing you anyway". Passion said before walking out slamming the door. 
      As she walked down the street of the projects she could hear Ms. Bernice yelling behind her but Passion had now blocked that out. 
      It was her against the world she was now the product of the streets with only 650 dollars to her name that she stole before leaving. 



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