The Moon Princess Meets the Sun princess.

The Moon Princess Meets the Sun princess.

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aormyd By aormyd Updated Jan 25, 2017

Long time ago there was a lovely planet, over there 2 princesses ruled over. Starting with the princess of the Mood  who was Kaguya Ryu Moon and then the princess of the Sun: Amaterasu Himiko Sun. Even though both were the most famous and from the most powerful  kingdoms over the whole planet. 

Kaguya's aptitude  was dark and she had lot of hate inside her heart, hiding behind that "pure pretty face of her" inside her heart there was pain, hate  and selfishness.
 while Himiko was as pure as water and lived life with her entire existence in love, Hope, Trust and some secrets. 

You could describe this planet as something  that was filled with Magic, Fantasy, Love, Hope, Hate, Trust,  Faith,  Heartbreak, Crowns,  Music, Alice, Castles, Royalty, death, secrets and mystery.

20 royal families fighting desperately for power of the ruler crown, and it was "easy" because they both were women.

A world where the magic it's like the daily bread, where battle it's part of life and drama goes on together with each character..we'll find out  how things work out!

After the planet Lumiére started to be corrupted the citizens are no longer safe, the royals must face catastrophes for what they have done.

They have limited time and are
facing  that Kaguya is not the sweet princess everyone though she was and Himiko wasn't  as week or transparent anymore.
Both keep a much bigger secret than anybody could have ever imagined.

Can a rotten heart love new again?

What will happen once the Royal families know their secrets and cause a fuss out of it? 
How can they depend on a princess that is filled with darkness come to be a fountain of love and hope, 
can black be white?

Are they gonna make it?
Will their people support them still after what they did and will do? 
who is death and who is alive? 

Let's find it out soon enough...
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please be patient :) 
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