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Text Book Stuff (BoyxBoy)

Text Book Stuff (BoyxBoy)

247K Reads 9.9K Votes 20 Part Story
L. Hale By Needing_SomeHale Completed

Dakota Scott has always been a little homophobic.

He's even went as far as punching his own cousin out at a family reunion for marrying a man. But after a double date gone wrong, his best friend, Charlie Garrett, comes out as gay?!

Can Dakota get past his jealousy when another boy asks Charlie out on a date? Or will he stick around and ruin everything for his best friend? Can a simple kiss cure everything that Dakota's been feeling? What if it's not enough? Has he really caught homosexuality?! Does he even really care anymore?

Charlie Garrett is sick of feeling alone.

Ever since he was younger, he's admired Dakota. He didn't mean to make Dakota the center of his world, it just sort of happened. After blurting out his true nature, can he mend their friendship?

"Maybe it's time to move on," Charlie tells himself, but can he really do that when Dakota is always so gentle to him? Can he get past Dakota's loving, strong nature and find someone even better? Or will he be wrong and end up finding someone... way worse?

Can Dakota finally come to his senses and mend that broken heart?

carabee64 carabee64 Mar 22
Nahhh B, this aint your fault!! the dick wants what the dick wants
Hold on! I'mma get some ice so you can apply it to the burned area
DerekHero DerekHero Mar 09
As if talking about doing it with girls is sooooo much better
DerekHero DerekHero Mar 09
Oh dear. I think your disease of "idiocy" is even worse. We need 911 on this
DerekHero DerekHero Mar 09
I think you carry a fatal disease called "idiocy". You should go to the nearest therapy clinic possible.
I'm seriously eagerly waiting for the moment he gets put in his place