The Dyslexic Virgin

The Dyslexic Virgin

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jilee By jailywrites Updated Apr 21, 2018

A 21 year old college guy who has a harder time than the rest understanding a few things. He is the popular fuckboy of Colombia is funny because he hasn't done the fucking yet. Yes, he is a virgin  and no one knows it. Well except his hoes but in order to understand that please read the story and follow justin's  journey. 

warning: it will have explicit, sexual content 

(Is my first story so it might be shitty and my writing , spelling and punctuation placement are terrible so try to keep up with me)

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bieberismyboi bieberismyboi May 18, 2017
I have it lots of people do it's not bad it's actually makes us more determined to do things bc we have to work harder
maybabylily maybabylily Sep 08, 2017
bitvh im spanish italian and look like mold on a mac and cheese dish from hometown buffet
KaySheona_13 KaySheona_13 Mar 19, 2017
I love Za. He cool as hell. Plus he has the exact same name as my cousin AND has the same birthday as my other husband (C Breezyyyy)
-biebrcumz -biebrcumz May 01, 2018
everyone’s talking about him fingering a bagel and i’m here like didn’t he leave his monkey in germany??😂😰
jmcduffey94 jmcduffey94 Jan 31, 2018
@maybabylily im dead, you can't be spanish but you can be mexican( yeah ik im late😂😂)
unicornmaze unicornmaze Jun 12, 2017
I to re-read this just to make sure i read it right he really fingered a bagel wowzers...