W A R R I O R S || (always accepting!)

W A R R I O R S || (always accepting!)

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divine and holy By Mousedapple Updated Jan 31

amazing cover made by the homie SilverhawkWC

literate Warriors roleplay

play as a warrior from ShadowClan, WindClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan or SkyClan or as a loner or rogue

-Zeferyx- -Zeferyx- Oct 19, 2016
Oh, thank God. I have seen so many roleplays where LGBT+ cats are rejected entirely and it annoys me so much. And usually people ignore the fact that LGBT+ cats are in the roleplay if they are accepted. I praise you for this rule. Thank you so much.
KaiAishi KaiAishi Nov 24, 2016
Thank goodness, because a bunch of role plays are total dipsh*ts to LGBT people.
Echolily Echolily Jan 31
Hey for the history does it have to be a full on summary or just the key points?