My Possessive Soul Mate

My Possessive Soul Mate

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"Your a stranger I never met before but yet I feel as if I'm pulled towards you." then I started really checking him out. His skin was pale, and his lips were plump, his eyes I couldn't read but they were a emerald light green, isn't that a rare color? Even though he was a stranger I didn't feel fear but something else for him.
  "Why am I pulled towards you?"  I repeated my question. He stays quiet for a bit as if he's thinking then finally says.
  "That's because your mine." He says with full seriousness.
  "What do you mean? I don't even know you?" I asked confused.
  "You didn't know me but now you will. I won't let you go. Your my soul mate and I'm yours."

Aaliyah Johnson, A 21 year old black woman who goes off to New York to have a little fun after a heart break. After a night of dancing what happens when she wakes up in the bed of Lorenzo Volo's. A  vampire who has been searching for his soul mate for years and finally meets her.

What happens when these two world's collide?

...With a werewolf friend to join them? 

Find out in 'My possessive Soul mate!'
"...A soul mate is someone you carry with you forever..."

"..It's that one person...who knew you and accepted you for who you are..."

"...And no matter what happen's you'll always love them..."
  { this story is rightfully mine. No copying plz}. 

And yes there will be some edit mistakes...but once the book is finished I'll go over and edit.
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