Vampire Knight: Broken Memory (Book One)

Vampire Knight: Broken Memory (Book One)

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Hikaru Suzuki was left to survive on her own after her whole family was killed by a vampire. She grew up a loner with an amazing mind. She could read something and comprehend it as she read, she understood everything that she was taught and was able to take it to a higher level, and was perfectly healthy and fit. Even without her family she managed to pull through and make the best of things.

 One day she achieves her ultimate goal, she is accepted into one of the highest schools for education for students of her level, Cross Academy. But what seemed to be a dream comes true, turns out to be a nightmare when she discovers the Night Class at the academy is full of the things she hates most... vampires...

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own the original Vampire Knight. This novel is a fanfiction based off of Vampire Knight. No copyright intended...

AbsolutelyThera AbsolutelyThera Oct 13, 2016
Well damn Yuki. You can't keep me to yourself. I wanna ba loved to...
wavvy_zae wavvy_zae Apr 29, 2016
Cute, I like how it relates to the real vampire Knight, but the real one is like more better, but I still like the story.
___Obviously___ ___Obviously___ Jan 24, 2015
You Said She Was 15. You Can't Go From 18 to 15 Years Old...
Jenn_is_Starry_Music Jenn_is_Starry_Music Dec 08, 2014
Love the story!
                              Though that last park kind of reminds me of Yuri Nakamura's past.
DarkCherryXP DarkCherryXP Aug 07, 2014
Why do people not name their chapters..? It's confusing when they don't...
DandyDebbie DandyDebbie Jun 24, 2014
Omg I just started watching Vampire Knight, and I'm like hearing their voices when I read it lol! Ah so good so far.