After The End: Alex Rider FanFiction

After The End: Alex Rider FanFiction

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[Book 1]
*Highest Ranking #1 in Stabbing*

       Ever wonder what happens after Scorpia Rising?
        Alex Rider will never be the same again. Captured, tortured, then rescued. Everyone is dead, and Alex is just barely hanging on. Mrs. Jones decides to send him to her old collage friend Lucy, who is now married and lives on a farm In Ohio. There she hopes he will recover at least a little of his old self.

   Warning: this book is going to be pretty gruesome so just a warning people.( This book has torturing, killing, PTSD, and depression)

  (And no. You don't have to of read the Alex Rider books to read this.)
  Read on....if you dare.


- Placed 2nd🥈in the Australian Star Awards FanFic/Action category. (June, 2017)

- Placed 2nd🥈in The Golden Star Awards FanFiction category. (October, 2017)

- Placed 3rd🥉in the Poe's Awards FanFiction category. (February, 2018)

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JessDeAngelo JessDeAngelo Nov 26, 2017
I first read in person as in prison and then I had to go back ad reread it
PhoenixiaFlame16 PhoenixiaFlame16 Nov 28, 2017
Before I read on, I just want to check if there’s any spoilers. Are there?
Midnight_Kaiulanis Midnight_Kaiulanis May 16, 2017
I'm back! Muahahahaha! And this time I am commenting as I read AGAIN. So keep an eye out for the comment spams from me. 😎
marchpebbles marchpebbles Aug 27, 2017
the a/n section is almost longer than the chapter itself. LOL.
- - Feb 16, 2017
Wow, this is really well written. You hooked me in with the powerful character, the description,  and the setting. Well done.
- - Dec 16, 2016
i love the character you put into this Mrs. Jones person. you really make her seem like an old lady (kinks in neck, annoyance at the computer). i never read any alex rider books but this is well written, congrats :D