He's cute |Taeten|

He's cute |Taeten|

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English/Little bit of Korean(cringe) 



Hi, I made this story 2 years ago, and simply, I was a Koreaboo so I have Korean phrases in this story. I've learnt my mistake, and I apologise for making this whole thing cringy, I've taken notes to never put in actual Korean phrases in my future story. But I can't just satisfy some readers by changing every Korean phrases I've added into English, theres over 20 chapters, the Korean phrases will die down a bit further into the story (I think) and I don't blame you for thinking it's cringy because, I, myself think the same as you do.

SO, IN CONCLUSION, if you seriously DON't like it, or you hate it, and you can't stand my cringy ass 2 years ago, than simply stop reading it, don't comment how it was cringy because I've taken notes on that a long time ago, you also don't need to be rude about it because c'mon a lot of us are koreaboos at first when you step into kpop, and if you can't take it, then leave and don't complain, it's simple as that.

And if there's readers that didn't look at the description before reading the story, then it's your problem for not reading my description beforehand. 

Thank you.

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Sana is shaking in her boots. Johnny is coming for her career.
Remember when Chittaphon names his horse “Chittaphrrrr.”
Ten is porn...
                              Literally 💦👅😓
                              Chittaphon LeechaiyaPORNkul
Its time to 
Couldn't you just call him an idiot or a fool....Was it necessary to add in Korean