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Don't Give Him Another Chance... (ItaNaru/SasuNaru)

Don't Give Him Another Chance... (ItaNaru/SasuNaru)

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Denise Jones By XxLadiiJayxX Updated May 28, 2015

(This is your first and last warning. This is a yaoi. Aka BoyxBoy. Don't like, don't read.)

**Naruto's House**

Naru: That's it Sasuke! I've had it with you! *busts through the bedroom door and starts tearing open the drawers packing clothes*

Sasu: *runs in* Naruto you are NOT leaving! *grabs Naruto's arms and pulls him away*

Naru: *snatches away* Of course not...

Sasu: ...Then what are you doing?

Naru: I won't be the one leaving...*throws the packed suitcase at Sasuke's feet*

Sasu: *blankly stares for a moment* B-Baby please we need to talk about this...

Naru: Talk about what?! How you f**ked that bitch in my own house? In my goddamn bed Sasuke?!....Get out.

Sasu: Naruto pl-

Naru: Get out! I don't want to look at your f**king face right now....

Sasu: ...Fine. *picks up the bag and leaves out slamming the doors*

Naru: Slam another one of my doors!...*flops down on the bed and lays back* Damn him...

**Later On Around 9:43pm**

Ita: *knocks on the door*

Naru: *opens the door...

dookieballs dookieballs Jun 20, 2016
naru-baby , we gon have to fight real quick , if you take that bïtch äss nïgga back , im going to blow this muthafuckä up
natsu_anime143 natsu_anime143 Jul 04, 2016
No he would make a good husband and u would be the wife since ur a uke 😊
_naomi_ss_ _naomi_ss_ Sep 18, 2016
Everybody here planning Sasuke's burial.. And I'm here relaxing like bitch make it easier for Itachi...
OTP_Ships OTP_Ships Sep 06, 2016
Kimnie_ZuSuki-chan Kimnie_ZuSuki-chan Aug 18, 2016
You don't need him u can do better naruto-kun suki will be here for u
natsu_anime143 natsu_anime143 Jul 04, 2016
😂😂😂thank u naru thank u so much for calling her that 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏