Hurting Heart (Dancetale!Sans x Paralyzed!Reader)

Hurting Heart (Dancetale!Sans x Paralyzed!Reader)

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Gamer "Ri" Queen By GamerQueen2002 Updated Mar 30, 2017

Ever since you were little, you dreamed of being on stage and dancing to your hearts content. You were determined to get where you wanted. All spot lights on you, people cheering and clapping as your feet swept across the stage. 

You were so close. 1 day away and you would have all of your dreams come true. Then everything was lost when the plane you was on crashed. You lost all feeling in your legs and lower body. 

So now, instead of living up to your dream you promised yourself would come true, you watch from a balcony. Instead of dancing like you wanted to, you got the complete opposite. 

Now all you can do is watch the monsters dance on what was to be your stage.

"You can dance. I can cry."

"So let's make a tear jerking performance."

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SinChoild SinChoild Apr 30, 2017
I always hear about airplanes crashing and shīt. I hope I never have to go on one
SinChoild SinChoild Apr 30, 2017
You never really know how lucky you are until you hear about a girl who can't even move her lower body
IhasCat5 IhasCat5 May 02, 2017
This is amazing so far.  *mentally prepares herself to get hit by the feels train....a lot*
FoxGamer9 FoxGamer9 May 07, 2017
I forgot the title so i read it again and then instently felt like crying
AutumnIsDreaming AutumnIsDreaming Oct 05, 2017
My classmate uses a wheelchair most of his time during school. Sure, he can stand up and walk, but he was paralyzed that he barely walks, so whenever he gets out his chair to go into our school chairs, there's a woman who watched him so he won't fall
Wumzy1023 Wumzy1023 May 11, 2017
Ooooh no
                              Ooooooooooooooh no
                              Oooooooooooooooooooooh god
                              I'm already getting some feels